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Wind Up Magic Flying Butterfly

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Sweet magical, whimsical surprise!

What can possibly be even prettier than a butterfly – the symbol of rebirth, hope and transformation? A flock of them flying out from your favorite book!

Realistic and colorful

Simulate a nature-like and picturesque spectacle in your house with these charming species! 

Special wind-up body

Wind up the butterflies, silently put them inside a book, and wait until someone opens the sweet surprise. 

Mesmerizing gift

These small butterflies can be put in boxes, cards and books to be presented along with the gift you chose. When your loved one opens it, they will fly up in the sky, bringing along hope and dreams. 

Perfect for kid’s cognition

These beautiful butterflies provoke the curiosity of children about the surrounding world, and stimulate them to learn more about nature. Plus, create quality family time!

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  • Material: ABS

  • Dimensions: 12 x 10cm

Package includes

  • 10 / 20 x Butterfly (Random Colors)

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