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Soft Fishing Lure Can Bounce With Slip Mechanism For Bass/Trout/Pike Fish

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Color: Set 1 (5pcs)

Set 1 (5pcs)
Set 2 (10pcs)
Set 3 (15pcs)
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One lure for hundreds of fish

It’s hard to figure out which is the “best” lure for fishing as it depends on the type of fish and the water, yet this will assure a basket of trophies. 

Catch more fish

Save your time digging for worms ,or your money buying expensive bait! Pull a bite on the vast majority of fish with this tiny lure! 

Life-like swimming movements

Live bait is surely a good option, yet it can be tough to play with all the time. Opt for this instead and get the same result, as this smartly-designed one imitates such realistic swimming movements.

Easy to set up

Complicated baits and lures can be a pain to set up and tote around, yet that will not be the case with this simple one.

Realistic details

Not only mimicking swimming action, this lure can also play the trick with most fish by its unrecognizable eyes and tail details.

Buy now - more fish in your bucket!


  • Material: PVC

  • Length: 10cm

  • Weight: 6g

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