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Silicone Grip Device Finger Exercise Stretcher

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Color: Black

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One stretcher for all finger exercises 

Stretch healthy fingers, exercise hand strength, and restore finger health, all with one device!

Assist hand rehabilitation 

The highly flexible stretcher is suitable for home treatment and rehabilitation to restore finger strength and tension. 

Improve hand strength

By exercising with our finger stretcher, athletes and musicians can warm-up hands before playing to reduce injury as well as improve finger power. 

Three levels of tension

You can freely choose the most suitable level of tension for your exercise to get the best results. 

Exercise anywhere

Our finger extensor stretcher is sturdy and compact to wear so you can use it while walking, traveling (car, airplane, bus), in office, school, watching TV or any place you want to exercise.

Grab one now and see instant results!


  • Material: Silica Gel

  • Tension:

    • Gray: 6.6lb

    • Blue: 8.8lb

    • Black: 11lb

  • Dimensions: 9 x 5.5 x 2cm

Care instructions

  • Hand Wash Only 

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