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Shower Curtain Ring Hooks

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Color: Red antique

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  • Upgrade your shower experience with our Shower Curtain Ring Hooks. With their smooth gliding action, these hooks are designed to effortlessly slide across your shower rod. Engineered with spherical roller balls, they ensure a fast and seamless movement, allowing your shower curtain to open and close with ease.

  • Our double hooks design provides exceptional strength and stability. These hooks are capable of securely holding both your shower curtain and shower liner, preventing any slippage or sagging. 

  • Experience the convenience and reliability of our Shower Curtain Ring Hooks. Let them glide smoothly and swiftly, while ensuring your shower curtain and liner remain securely in place. Upgrade your bathroom with these essential accessories today.


  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Dimensions: 

Package includes

  • Set 12 pcs hooks

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