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Rotating Magic Beans Cube Intelligence Game

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Color: Floral Blue

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This will give your smart kid so much fun!

Let’s put a twist on traditional rubik cubes, and try something new, mind-boggling and exciting! 

Rubik, cool. Here something better!

If you often find your kid looking bored and uninterested in books, it may be the time to look for a new solution. Make learning and discovering a thousand times more fun by adding in some cubes! 

Happy family time

Child’s play is integral not only for kid’s learning but also crucial for family bonding. Let your child explore the quiz and let yourself dive in their little world!

Boost concentration & logical thinking

Not only offering a great playtime, this toy teaches, too. By finding the right movement to solve the quiz, this toy stimulates their mind, activating and developing concentration, analytical ability and fine motor skills.

Child-safe material

Utilizing sturdy and safe ABS material with no sharp piece or rivet, you can rest assured knowing that your child is well- protected and entertained for days on end.

Handy massager

Toy for the kid, massager for you! What a true steal for your money!

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  • Material: ABS

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