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Reusable Mason Bottle Ziplock Bags

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Color: 3 Set 30 Pcs

3 Set 30 Pcs
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Say “No” to single-use plastic bags

Whether you’re striving to reduce your plastic usage, tidy up your kitchen space or save money on expensive glass jars, reach for these reusable ziplock bags.

Airtight & leak-proof zip

Being anti-leaking and super airtight, storing food is never easier. Simply zip the bag, and you can rest assured knowing your food is kept fresh and tasty.

Reusable & eco-friendly

These bags can be washed effortlessly under running water, so you can always reuse them instead of throwing them out of your window. If you’re committed to using more reusable bags like these, you’re saving and protecting our planet.

Tidier food storage

Big jars are nice to look at, yet sometimes they take up too much space and make storing super tricky. Why not try to organize your kitchen rack with these tiny babies instead?

Food-safe material

These bags are not only BPA-free, non-toxic for your health, but also boast quality heat-resistance for hot and cold food storing.

Cute & space-saving appearance

Is it a bag? Or is it a jar? It can be both apparently. This cute design will definitely fool your coming guests, and surprise them when they see it stand by itself.

Buy now to reduce one-time used plastic bags!


  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: 

Care instructions
  • Hand Wash With Water And Mild Detergents.

Package includes

  • 3 x Large Bags

  • 4 x Medium Bags

  • 3 x Small Bags

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