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Pro Stretching Belt For Yoga And Rehabilitation

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Your legs get more flexible with just one belt!

You’re a yoga starter or a patient in rehabilitation who has stiff legs? This belt is exactly what you need for a more flexible lower body.

Aid rehabilitation 

This belt is used to pull your legs up and down with hand force to stretch and exercise leg muscles after long-time injury. 

Perfect for yoga

This elastic strap is a perfect yoga tool for beginners whose legs are stiff to stretch and do warm-up. 

Stretch your legs safely 

Since this belt is controlled by your hands, you can adjust the force and speed of pulling your legs to avoid pain or injury caused by sudden stretch. 

Exercise in any posture

Lying, sitting or standing, you can exercise with this stretching belt in any posture you want. 

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  • Material: Blend Fabric (Polyester Cotton)

  • Dimensions: 140 x 13cm / 55.1 x 5.1in

Care instructions

  • Machine Washable


  • Refer to your doctor’s supervision before using this product for treatment purpose

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