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Plastic Safety Child Lock

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The most secured for child proofing

Since your child is the greatest gift from heaven and his/her safety is paramount, it’s crucial to keep them from possible danger. Drawers, cupboards and washing machines could be risk-free for us adults but they need to be locked from our little kids.

Strongest security

When a toddler begins to crawl, it’s time to furnish the house with enough safety locks. Utilizing sturdiest ABS and fabric, these plastic locks are the toughest security of them all.

Easy for adults

It will be pointless if both children and we can not access the locked drawers. These locks outsmarted our kids yet still be adult-friendly.

Highly applicable

The back viscous adhesive tape sticks firmly to drawers, cupboards, microwaves and everything else in the reach of your toddler.

Easy to use

Unlike other versions that require keys and nails, this tape one is super easy to stick to surfaces without damaging your favorite drawers.

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  • Material: ABS

  • Dimensions: 

    • Total length: 19cm / 7.5in

    • Strap:  9.5cm / 3.7in

Package includes

  • 10 Plastic Safety Child Locks


  • Clean the surface before use.

  • Peel off the back paper, and press on firmly.

  • The viscous adhesive tape will be completely cured and adhered firmly after 24 hours (Don’t try to pull it when it is just pasted, this will affect the adhesiveness of the tape)

  • Do not touch the adhesive tape with your hands.

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