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Plant Support Clamps

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  • Cost effective and sustainable – You only need to spend very little cost to make your plants grow upright. It is made of clear PP plastic material, plant clamps can hold stems and plants securely to support stakes, good support for beans and plants.

  • Unique design - measures 9 mm in length (folding) and with a 32 mm center diameter (folding). Perfect design hollow cut out design ensures air circulation, improve plant growth. The plant trellis clip has a quick-open design, so it can be easily moved or reused, and it is easy to fix and detach, which ensures that the harness can be used repeatedly without damage.

  • Easy to use - Push down the lock tab. These are so easy to cut and open again. By using these items, they make the plants healthier. They provide good support and are very easy to use. Excellent solution for tomato vines. Can be perfectly used for grafting plants, cutting the branch of one plant on another plant so that they can grow as one.

  • Wide range of applications - Perfect for fixing tomatoes, peppers, watermelons and other vegetables and fruits on the hanging line. It can also be used to bundle and fix plant stems after seedlings, to prevent breakage or shock.

  • Plant Protector - Protect your delicate flowers and vines from blows from wind and rain. Straighten plants, prevent fruits from bending branches or vines and improve plant growth. Suitable for vertical gardening and small home gardens.


  • Material: PP

  • Dimensions: 32 x 9 mm

Package includes

  • 50pcs: 50 Pieces of Clamps

  • 100pcs: 100 Pieces of Clamps

  • 200pcs: 200 Pieces of Clamps

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