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Non-stick Sushi Maker Roller

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Even beginners can make impressive sushi!

Impress your friends and family with authentic Japanese sushi. No experience needed, you can still do it with this sushi maker!

Make perfect rolls

Sushi rolls made with this sushi maker are all even, aesthetic, and tight so the seaweed, rice and filling won’t separate even when you cut the roll. 

Fill, pull, and done

The appearance of the magic sushi roll maker makes sushi making very easy: Fill, pull, and done. With it, even beginners can make sushi as well as professional sushi masters.

Safe and durable

Durable, non-toxic, safe and tasteless, the high-quality PP material guarantees that this roller can make millions of delicious and healthy sushi rolls.

Make all rolled food

This sushi maker can be used for all rolled foods, not just sushi. You can make some kimbap, spring rolls, egg rolls, and so on to enjoy at home.

Get ready for a sushi treat!


  • Material: PP

  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 6.2 x 18.5cm 

Care instructions

  • Hand Wash Only 

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