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Multi-function Fidget Spinner Gyro Anti Stress Toy

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Color: Blue

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Help with anxiety, and simply fun!

Improving focus, reducing restlessness, managing anxiety and even boosting brain development, all the great things that make fidget-spinner such a much-loved toy.

Relieve stress

Fidget toys give you a place to release the pressure and clean your mind. By distracting your brain from anxious thoughts, this makes a great companion for busy individuals.

Mind-tickling puzzle

Featuring a super cool colored ball switching and matching game, this doubles up as a brain-training puzzle. Perfect for kids to enhance fine motor skills and problem solving.

Play with your kid

Create crazy quests for your lovely kid and solve the puzzle together! Your little one will go absolutely bananas over this exciting spinning toy.

Exquisite quality

Utilizing the highest quality ABS and topped with vibrant, sweet colors, this is sure the fidget spinner made with love.

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  • Material: ABS

  • Dimensions: 6 x 6cm

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