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Mixed Valentine's Day Nail Art Shiny Red Love Heart Glitter

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Color: Colorful Shapes

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Doll up your nails, get ready for a romantic date!

Your boyfriend put a lot of effort in preparing a romantic date, you also should do something to give him a beautiful and sweet honey in return. Dressing up is not enough, attach these nail arts to be completely pretty for your Valentine date!

Adorn your nails

Do you see the blinking hearts on your nails? They are not the normal hearts, they’re the stolen hearts of those who fall for your nails and your beauty!

Match various styles

Sweet or sexy, gentle or cool, you can freely change your style since these nail arts can match with any style.

Nail salon in your home

With just a bottle of nail glue, you will have well-decorated nails as done at a professional nail salon. 

Decorate anything

Not only nails, you can adorn anything you want with these glittering hearts. You can stick it on your wall, on your notebook, or on your desk to spread love to everyone!

Choose the perfect look for your nails!


  • Material: PETE / Clay

Package includes

  • 200-250 x Nail Glitter Flakes

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