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LED Carbon Fiber Car Rear Light

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Color: Blue light curved

Blue light curved
Red light curved
Blue light straight
Red light straight
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  • Perfectly decorate the exhaust pipe of your car.       

  • Easy installation, NO Extra screws and NO drilling.

  • Installation: Fix this tailpipe to the appropriate location of the original tailpipe using our accessories.  

  • Adjustable clamp which can be altered to accommodate your exhaust pipe. 


  • Material: 304 stainless steel

  • Dimensions: 

Package includes

  • 1 Piece of Tail Pipe & Accessories


  • When installing a small tailpipe, make sure your car emits to 2.0, and when installing a large one, make sure the emission is above 2.0. To check whether the exhaust pipe is straight, if it is curved pipes (exhaust toward the ground) install a curved tailpipe.

  • If they are 2 pieces, you should determine the specific size to order.

  • When installing 2 exhaust pipes side by side, the gap adjustment should be more than 5cm

  • For some models, the special exhaust pipe must be connected properly.

  • If the exhaust pipe is easy to install, first disassemble and install the flame tail pipe.

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