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Indoor Non-slip Thermal Socks

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Color: Blue

Size: S

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Keep your feet cozy all season long

These durable, insulating options will coat your feetsies nice and toasty and get you through the colder months with ease.

Take the chill off

Encircling your toes in a toasty wonderland! A pair of warm socks like this is truly a must-have item in the winter closet to keep you warm from top to bottom. 

Soft and comfy

Ice crystals are forming, cold winds are blowing, and warm socks are key — and not the scratchy ones filled with holes from last year. Your feet deserve all that impossibly cozy, soothingly soft luxury!

Sweet color range

Walk around your house with style and warmth! Not only doubling themselves as snuggly home slippers, these socks also offer the sweetest range of colors to match your styles!

Non-slip silicone grips

Never slip in these winter goodness as there are tons of gripping dots on the bottom for extra safety.

Unique Xmas gifts

Not only do these socks warm the feet of your beloved ones, they also make wonderful gifts for freezing days!

One click to warm feet!


  • Material: Polyester 

Care instructions

  • Hand Wash Only.

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