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Happy Zen Yoga Meditation Buddha Cat

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Color: Yellow

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Happy zen cat brings you inner peace!

Bring zen into your space and achieve a peaceful, calm, and observant mind with this tiny meditating little cat!

Instant boost of positive energy

Just look at this cat, look how calm and relaxing he is! Put him on your desk and every time he catches your eyes, you’ll immediately get a mood booster.

Cute Buddha kitty

Nothing says zen quite like this Buddha cat! If you are an animal lover, plus a peace seeker, this is more meaningful than anything you could find.  

Car & home perfect decor

Display this behind the windshield to stay calm during your trips, or simply lay it on the desk to incorporate some soothing elements.

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  • Material: Resin

  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 8 x 5.5cm

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