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Hair Pulling Fidget Toys

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  • Release Stress & Anxiety: It is sort of engrossing to pull this little guy's hairs out one by one. could see this being a hit with a compulsive pimple popper, hair twirler or eyelash puller. Pulling out his little hairs/blackheads is quite addicting. you end up with a happy but odd-looking little keychain toy to serve as a memento.

  • Incredibly Satisfying: Making use of this blackhead toy helps you improve your psychosocial needs. From improving calmness, to relieving boredom, anxiety and stress. Moreover, it helps in improving one's focus.

  • Keychain & Backpack Pendant:  After the "black head" is pulled out, the surface of the baby toy becomes very smooth and cute, with its own hanging buckle, which can be used as a key chain, bag hanging decoration, and desktop decoration. Car decorations, birthday gifts, etc. small tip: after receiving the toy, do not pinch the blackhead area with your hands, it will make the blackhead surface disappear.

  • Birthday Gift Toys Or White Elephant Gift: If you are looking for a gag gift or something for a white elephant gift exchange, this little toy is a real winner. Everything about it is so funny and weird, and elicits all sorts of puzzled looks and laughter. also a little bit gross, which makes it all the weirder and funnier.


  • Material: Plastic + Silicone 

  • Total Length (Hanger Ring & Baby Legs): 12 cm

  • Tweezer: 9.5 cm

Package includes

  • 1 x Hair Pulling Fidget Toy

  • 1 x Tweezer

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