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Gnome Winter Christmas Doll Decorations

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Color: Dotted 1,

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Gnomes, the warmest happiness-giver in Christmas

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic for a magical Christmas decor, a Scandinavian mythological creature like gnomes will be the perfect addition to your home in this merry season. 

Add a festive touch

Plush gnomes with colorful clothes will match perfectly with every Noel theme to transform your home to a winter wonderland.  

Bring good luck

In mythology, gnomes are lucky creatures who always protect your home from evil. It’s believed that these small ornaments will bring fortune for you in the holy season.

Adorn every corner 

These gnomes are suitable to decorate many spaces like front door, living room, or bedroom. You can put them stand or sit or hang them anywhere to deck out every corner of your house. 

Long-lived friends

Made from high-quality materials, these gnomes will live with you until the end of time. 

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  • Material: Fabric

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  • Machine Washable

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