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Foot Massage Point Diagram Acupoint Socks

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Color: Men set B

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  • Perfect Massage Kit: Forget the acupressure foot mat or reflexology chart which might be difficult to understand, because the Foot Massage Point Diagram Acupoint Socks will show you the exact location of various reflex points. Unlike other massage tools which require physical strength, these foot massage socks allow you to easily do a reflexology massage to stimulate the reflex point and induce a healing response.

  • More than Just to Massage Feet: While these socks provide comfort and relief to the feet, our reflexology sock is way beyond a simple feet massager tool. With the socks and the acupressure massage stick, you can also target other parts of your body that are in need of healing. Using the acupressure rod, easily massage and apply pressure to acupoints of your eyes, ears,...


  • Material: Cotton

Package includes

  • 1 Pair of Sock

  • 2 Massage Sticks

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