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  • Efficient Solution: Featuring flexible pulleys and a seamless threading mechanism, these aids ensure a smooth process that minimizes the risk of entanglement or jams. Boost your work efficiency and watch as your threading tasks become quicker and more streamlined.

  • Secure Anti-Slip Serrations: The threading aid is equipped with anti-slip serrations that provide a secure grip on wires and cables. This innovative design feature ensures that your wires are effectively clamped, enhancing stability and reducing the likelihood of slips or disconnections during installation.

  • Durable Steel Construction: Crafted from robust steel, the threading aids boast high hardness and remarkable wear resistance. This construction guarantees exceptional durability, even in demanding working conditions. Count on the threading aids to remain reliable over time, effectively contributing to their extended service life.

  • Compact Portability and Practicality: Designed for the convenience of electricians, these threading aids exhibit a compact size that's easily portable. Whether you're on-site or moving between locations, these aids can be comfortably carried in your toolkit. Their practicality shines as they assist electricians in various tasks such as threading and feeding, making every job smoother.

  • Versatile Application Spectrum: The Threading Aids aren't just limited to a specific type of box; they are suitable for various junction boxes and distribution boxes. This universality makes them versatile accessories that can cater to a wide range of electrical setups. With their compatibility spanning different scenarios, these aids emerge as a highly practical tool for electricians.


  • Material: Steel, Metal

  • Dimensions: 278 x 75 mm

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