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Dual Pressure Point Neck and Shoulder Roller Self-Massage Tool

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Color: Green

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Say goodbye to muscle stiffness and pain!

One of life’s simplest pleasures: having a massage to kick out those tender muscles!

Treat muscle stress & pains

Roller massaging tool is known for its amazing benefit in reducing stress, relaxing our muscles and relieving tension. It works perfectly on those hard-to-reach muscle pains as well!

One tool for the whole body

It can cost an arm and a leg for a full-body massage at the spa. Or just a few bucks for a multi-functional roller, the choice is yours!

Boost blood circulation

Manual pressure massagers are the most effective towards drawing blood circulation to vital tissues, by simply rolling over trigger points. 

Portable and convenient

A godsend for muscle soreness! Being super lightweight and portable, this is an excellent roller that is especially useful to bring to the gym but will be no less joyful at home or on a vacation.

Sweet relief!


  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: 37 x 18.5cm

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