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DIY Manually Garden Path Maker Mold Paving Cement Brick Stone Road

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Impress all guests with your garden path!

DIY some bricks with our creative molds and make every guest say “woah” when seeing your new garden path!

Decorate all your paths

With our creative molds, you can release your creativity, make hundreds of unique bricks in a short period of time and renovate all the paths in your dreamy house!

Never be the same

Each mold has a different impressive shape so you can pave each path in your home with a distinguished type of stones to make your home more unique

Reuse time and time again

When finishing your first batch of paving stones, you can continue making the next batch right away after washing it. These highly durable mold can make thousands of bricks for your home!

Learn to use in 1 minute

Making paving stones with these molds is as easy as pie, just fill the mold with cement mix, remove excess parts and wait!

Give your house a new look!


  • Material: PP

  • Dimensions: As shown in variant pictures 

Care instructions

  • Hand Wash Only 

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