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DIY Chicken Feeder

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Color: Set 5pcs Black

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  • VERSATILE: Can be used with any container... 5-gallon buckets, bins, barrels, trash cans, boxes, and more...

  • SUPER STURDY AND WATERPROOF DESIGN: This poultry feeder is designed to keep food dry and fresh regardless of weather conditions. No more broken feeders or soggy feed.

  • COME WITH STOPPERS: Close the feeder port if needed, keep the "things" off at night, and keep mice/rats away from chicken feeds.

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL POULTRY AND BIRDS: Just need to adjust the height of the container from the ground, our products are suitable for chickens, ducks, birds and a series of small and medium animals!

  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL: This poultry feeder is already equipped with a 3 inch (8cm) hole saw. Drill your hole using the included hole saw. Insert feeder port, line up with the bushing. Hand tighten to ensure a tight seal. You are done, fill with feed.


  • Material: Plastic (Feeder Hole) + Metal (Hole Saw)

  • Hole Saw: 3 inches ~ 8 cm

Package includes

  • 4 x Rubber Rings

  • 1 x Hole Opener


  • Keep out of children’s reach

  • DIY installation: Product comes in separate components and requires customer’s assembly.

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