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Disposable Oil-absorbing Paper

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  • Say goodbye to greasy: Oil absorption is more powerful. Lock the greasy firmly to prevent backflow.

  • Opening design: Boiling soup does not overflow. It can prevent the boiling soup from overflowing due to the non-circulation of steam.

  • Non woven fabrics that can come into contact with food are light and heat-resistant, and only absorb oil but not soup.

  • Free cutting: It can be cut according to the actual demand

  • Multi-purpose paper: It can be used not only for cooking soups and oil absorption but also for other floating oil.

Method of application

  • Step 1: When oil residue or grease floats out of the pan, cover the food survey with oil- absorbing paper

  • Step 2: When using, do not cover the pot, and replace it in time when it is full of grease

  • Step 3: When there is more oil and fat in food, it is recommended to use more sheets for better oil absorption. Then take it out with chopsticks and discard it.


  • Material: PP (polypropylene) 

  • Diameter: 18 Cm

Package includes

  • 1 Set of 50 Paper Sheets

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