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Car Side Windows Sun Shade

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Color: Front window car 2pcs

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Add shade, prevent overheating!

Never again live in the oven-like environs of a car’s interior after hours in the sun: the burning-hot seats and steering wheel, the dense and humid air. Shade your car now!

Cool, shaded car interior

Often break out in sweat and take too long to dissipate, well, that might be the signal to facilitate your car with side cover. Protection against ultraviolet radiation, plus joyful, peaceful ride. 

Protect your car’s interior

Never underestimate the destructiveness of the sun on your car’s seats, dashboard and console! But worry not, that experience can be easily mitigated with a sun shade!

No wandering insects & objects

Besides preventing your car from heating up, this convenient cover also protects your space from unwelcome bugs and flying objects, even when the door is opened.

Easy installation

This sun shade shapes like a bag, so you can install it on your side window in seconds. Easy!

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  • Material: Mesh 

  • Dimensions: 

    • Front Window: 75 x 50cm

    • Rear Window: 113 x 50cm

Package includes

  • 2 x Front / Rear Window Sun Shade

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