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Car Monster Claw Reflective Stickers

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Color: 2pcs Black

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The coolest car at night!

The creative and unique monster claw reflective stickers will make your car the coolest one on the road at night.

Unique design 

These stickers have the shape like being scratched by monster claws, which will adorn your car in an impressive way. 

Reflective sticker

When being shone by light, this sticker will reflect to create a cool light effect to impress every passer-by. 

Long stickiness

Being exceptionally sticky and water-resistant, these stickers can decorate your car for a long time.

Easy removal

You can remove these stickers effortlessly without leaving any residue or damaging your car paint. 

Decorate your car now!


  • Material: Paper

  • Dimensions: 12 x 40cm / 4.7 x 15.7in

Package includes

  • 2 x Monster Claw Stickers


  • Remove the cover film to get the reflective effect. 

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