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Car Front Seat Spacers Lift Jackers

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Color: Silver

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  • The installation time takes only a few minutes. Installation is very simple and does not need much thinking process. 

  • Through our seat lifting pads, the seats are adjusted to adjust the seats. It is convenient and flexible forward, back, or upward. The road in front of the hood is easier to notice that the eyes capture extensive objects on the road. Used for daily driving, trailer traction, disassembly, etc.

  • These front -row seat cushions will increase the height of driver's seats, passenger seats and gown front parts, and provide the maximum comfort for long -term driving vehicles.


  • Packing size: 100*75*70MM

  • Product material: Aluminum alloy

  • Applicable models:

  • Toyota Tacoma 2005-2022

  • Toyota 4Runner 2003-2022

  • Toyota FJ 2006-2014

  • Lexus GX470 2003-2022

Package includes

  • A Pair of Car Front Seat Spacers Lift Jackers

  • A Pair of Bolts. The color of bolts may vary.

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