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Adjustable Lid Opener Kitchen Accessories Opener

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Color: Blue

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Open with a twist!

Strain your muscles for hours but can’t loosen the lids? Try this opener, you can open all jars with just a twist! 

Unscrew all stubborn lids 

Grip the lids with the opener and gently twist, you can unscrew every lids to get your favorite food or sauce without any effort. 

Grip firmly and twist easily

The sturdy and hard teeth will grip the lid firmly while the non-slip handle enables you to hold and twist easily.

Adjustable width 

You can open jars of all sizes since the width of this opener can be adjustable to fit every lid. 

Durable and rust-resistant

To ensure that it can serve in your kitchen for years, this utensil is completely made from high-quality materials. 

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  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic

  • Dimensions: 

Care instructions
  • Hand Wash 

  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

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