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Adhesive Multi-Purpose Hooks Wall Mounted Mop Organizer

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White 2pcs
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Secure household & garden equipment!

Today’s modern solution for household storing is these tiny yet mighty organizers, letting you keep everything tidy and secured. 

Keeping mops in place

Stop putting your cleaning mop on the floor and getting it all dirty. Instead, keep them organized and spotless, ready for the next cleaning day!

Powerful hold

Never worry about your mop falling out from their place, as these hooks offer the strongest hold ever!

Multi-functional organizer

Be it helpful and multi-functional! Storing kitchen gadgets, toilet supplies and everything just turns out so easy with this wall-mounted hook!

Easy to set up

Simply follow those instructions and you’ll have yourself the strongest hook to organize everything in the house! Make sure you press it hard towards the wall and let the glue settle for at least several hours.

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  • Material: PVC

  • Dimensions: 7 x 7cm


  • It is recommended to wait 24 hours (after sticking the organizer to the wall) before use for the best performance.

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